Wine license change

Brett Glass brett at
Fri Feb 8 13:07:59 CST 2002

Roland (roland at writes:

>To write it again we have two interests:
>1. People who want to make money selling WINE or derivates == anti xGPL
>2. People who contribute for free or have another business model than the 
>above == pro xGPL

There are a few more categories who would not want the (L)GPL:

3. Professional programmers who would like to fix bugs (if the 
code is (L)GPLed, they can't without becoming "tainted" by 
having read the code);

4. Anyone who objects to viral licenses or the FSF's misleading

5. Users who want to be able to buy a commercial product with
professional support, especially good integration, and possibly
enhanced features;

6. Anyone who does not want to see WINE fork into truly free and
FSF-licensed versions; and

7. Anyone who cares, on principle, about software freedom and

--Brett Glass

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