Wine License change: Open question to Jeremy White

Roland roland at
Fri Feb 8 15:31:20 CST 2002

Quote from Jeremy White:

"However, with some recent events I cannot disclose, it is clear to me that 
the opportunity for Wine to be used in a proprietary product is too 
tempting and has caused some harm to the Wine project.  Based on 
experience, I feel strongly that the potential for harm is great enough 
that CodeWeavers needs to take two actions. First, we would like to release 
all new code we develop under an LGPL style license. Second, I would like 
to open another call for a license change and thereby strongly add my voice 
to Alexandre's."

Obviously you, Jeremy started this discussion. I don't want to sound 
curious, but I have the feeling that our discussion will be in vain if we 
don't know about those "events" you can't disclose. I mean suppose that the 
list reaches a consensus to stay at the BSD license. This wouldn't make a 
difference would it? You would simply say, sorry: but I have my reasons 
which I can't disclose and will start a xGPL fork of WINE now...

So I think to consider all interests involved we must obviously first KNOW 
what they are specifically...otherwise we will just be wasting time without 
touching the really important points(your specific concerns among others...).

Best regards, Roland

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