Dr. Seuss, licensing, and WINE

Brett Glass brett at lariat.org
Fri Feb 8 17:07:30 CST 2002

At 03:25 PM 2/8/2002, Andreas Mohr wrote:

>If Wine wasn't there at all, then the vendor of such a package would
>have to create *everything* from scratch.

And would probably not be able to do so. So, we'd all be worse off
as a result.

It's truly wonderful to have a base of publicly available, truly free 
software upon which everyone can try to build things (and, if they
need to invest money in building them, sell the results when they're
done). If it weren't for the BSD TCP/IP stack, for example, there 
would not be an Internet. It's only because virtually every 
operating system -- commercial and non-commercial -- could integrate 
parts of BSD freely that we're able to have this conversation today. 
(Come to think of it, WINE probably wouldn't exist either.)


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