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Daniel Sabo sorry at
Fri Feb 8 17:19:26 CST 2002


>> Then spare us the bullshit arguments about the BSD being Free and the
>> GPL not. (Yes, it is bullshit. Call a spade a spade, right?)
> geez. no need to get bent out of shape.  I'll rephrase and say BSD is
> MORE free than GPL.  Happy?


Neither the BSD or GPL is  free, only public domain is free. BSD and GLP
are both contracts with the users. BSD means "you must include my licences
information with anything you make". *GPL means "if you make something
from my code you have to share it with everyone". Which on you use doesn't
depend on freedom, it depends on your goal. I prefer GPL becuase I see
getting back what others make as payment for my work, and yes, I know I'm
being selfish.

>> Please write what you mean, which seems to be "Sony would never accept
>> the terms of the LGPL, which would prevent them from being able to
>> bundle Wine with the PlayStation2".  Again, I don't see where this
>> would be a loss. Companies that are unwilling to contribute back to the
>> community are not any concern of mine; if they want to compete with
>> Microsoft on the desktop, let them fund their own software development
>> instead of leeching off of the community.  My only concern with the
>> LGPL is making sure that well-intentioned companies that DO give back
>> to the community aren't caught in the middle.
> Let's say the playstation distributed wine for every PS2 that shipped.
> If only .001% of its users (and these are gamers) get interested in
> wine, that's 200 additional contributers.  Most people get involved with
> a project because they USE it initially.  So, it's reasonable to say
> that wine is still better off if sony distributed it without
> contributing *anything* (maybe had had to make NO changes, who knows)
> because of the additional interest.  You might not consider this a loss,
> but to me, it seems like it is.

In case you hadn't noticed Sony let's you run _Linux_ on a PS2, did that
change to BSD without anyone telling me? Big companies like *GPL because
they know where they stand and they don't loose an advantage by giving
back. Sun and IBM both support *GPL projects, so does SGI and a lot of
other very large players.

Daniel Sabo,
	The armchair quarterback
(Hey! I contributed the smallest patch ever! Don't I get something for that?)

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