I see no reason to change the license

Sean Farley scf at farley.org
Sat Feb 9 12:52:37 CST 2002

Thinking it over.  I see no benefit for a change to the LGPL.  The main
reason was to force companies to give WINE their changes and/or
additions to the code.

As several people have pointed out, they can get around this by writing
API wrappers.  Doing so they will have removed the only reason the LGPL
was proposed in the first place.  It would be quite easy to keep in sync
with the WINE code base.  A PERL script (or whatever) could be written
to output a wrapper file.  Another script could be used to make changes
to any future code base to make use of the wrapper calls.  As someone
who did this for my last company (JAVA API using JNI calls to mirror
their own C library), I can say this will take a minimal amount of work.
They would only need to release the changes they made to the code (just
the wrapper calls).

If you want to force the code out of others, a much stricter license
than the LGPL or even the GPL will be required.  Can anyone recommend
one and have it still be open source?

scf at farley.org

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