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Sat Feb 9 13:21:59 CST 2002


On Sat, 9 Feb 2002, Jason Phillips wrote:

> Hello everyone,
> I'm interested in doing some work on the wine project.
> There's quite a few bugs in the bug list are any in particular that someone
> would recommend as a good place to start?

   I have started a list of bugs that should be reasonably simple to
fix, even for someone new to Wine, i.e. without extensive knowledge of
how everything comes together. Have a look at it and choose one subject
you are insterested in.

   Another item which is not in the list and which would be very useful
to Wine is if you could write 'unit tests' that test the behavior of
specific APIs. There are two frameworks: the perl framework and the C
framework. Currently the perl framework is the more advanced of the two
and should be working. There is not much documentation about this yet
but you can look at dlls/kernel/tests for a sample test written in Perl.
For how things may look like in C the best would be to look at the
january archives.

> I might need to document for my own good also. Any guidelines on what/how
> that should be so it can be contributed?

   I am not sure I understood your question but here are some documents
which you may find useful:

 * Documenting Wine

 * Submitting Patches

 * both coming from the Wine Developer's Guide

   I hope you will find the above useful. Don't hesitate to ask

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