Time for a Fork (fwd)

lawson_whitney at juno.com lawson_whitney at juno.com
Sat Feb 9 22:10:18 CST 2002

On Sat, 9 Feb 2002, Dan Kegel wrote:

> winedev at admdev.com wrote:
> >
> > Wouldn't really work... Not only the extra work for Alexandre,
> No extra work neccessary; he could appoint a BSD fan to
> maintain the traditional tree, and shift all his efforts to the LGPL tree.
> > but the fact the trees will become totally unsyched.
> Yes, that might happen.  That's to be expected.  Compare, say,
> netbsd and freebsd; they're unsynched now.
Or win31 and win9x and winnt40 (winME, winXP....)?
I don't think I would wish that on anyone.  nt351 anyone?


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