Wine Developer License Test

Ove Kaaven ovehk at
Sun Feb 10 16:54:18 CST 2002

Take this test and find your preferred license. A few simple questions can
reveal your stance. Fun for the whole family!

1. Do you maintain that information (code) should always be free, no
matter how expensive or difficult that information was to come up with, no
matter how limited applicability it may have, and no matter how damaging
freeing that information might be for the industry, both good and bad?

   a) yes
   b) no
   c) maybe

points: a = 2, b = 0, c = 1

2. How should people that come up with such information (coders) be
rewarded for their efforts?

   a) tangible goods (money)
   b) name recognition in the liberation army (free software enthusiasts)
   c) name recognition in the rest of the world
   d) feeling good about themselves (no reward at all)
   e) I really don't care about them, I just want the code

points: a = 0, b = 2, c = 0, d = 1, e = 2

3. Would you like it if your work was incorporated into cheap,
mass-produced, proprietary, commercial consumer devices, like cell phones,
game consoles, microwave ovens, or home-grown nuclear power plants?

    a) yes
    b) no
    c) I don't care

points: a = 0, b = 2, c = 1

4. Do you care about users?

   a) yes, I would like to have many users, and listen to their needs
   b) no, I'm the developer, I do the work, it's my way or the highway
   c) mostly, but not at all costs, I don't mind losing a few

points: a = 0, b = 2, c = 1


  0-1: I feel the X11 (BSD) license makes the world a better place

  2-3: While not perfect, I think the X11 (BSD) license does give users a
       fair choice and encourage wide use

  4-6: I am somewhat suspicious of my users, so I think the LGPL license
       makes it easier to herd them

  7-8: Freedom above all; I elect RMS for president, and prefer the GPL

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