Wine license change

jasonp jasonp1 at
Sun Feb 10 17:10:44 CST 2002

I'm a non-Wine developer but I've taken an interest in this debate since I 
could possibly work on it in a commerical way and would prefer to see it 
truly open for everyone.

Rather than debate GPL vs BSD license, first get a consensus on what the 
*goal* and purpose of a license would be.
E.g., attracting commercial development, maintaining control, philosophical 
reasons, etc.

Forget the philosophical and semantic arguments over "free", "open", etc. if 
I was a member of the Wine group I would want to maintain control over it.  
Using a *GPL style license would seem to insure more control over the code, 
as opposed to a commercial third-party taking control and benefit from the 
work already done.

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