Wine License Change

Claus Fischer claus.fischer at
Mon Feb 11 08:49:11 CST 2002

As a non-developer, I think this discussion can be considerably
shortened by just forking and starting to work on the LGPL branch.

If the current license allows Lindows to make proprietary
modifications and not give anything back, it certainly
allows Codeweavers/whoever to make proprietary modifications
and give back under LGPL.

Those who don't want to even read LGPL code for reasons of
'contamination' just shouldn't read it. You can't read Lindows
code either.

Why should Codeweavers be morally pressured to contribute under a
steal-me license when steal-it companies don't contribute at all?
Just let Codeweavers use their rights that you defend so vehemently
for others, and don't critizise them for doing something your
favourite license permits.


I personally tend to think that GPL style licenses attract more
developers and create a level playing field even for companies
as contributors.

Put a snapshot of current CVS somewhere for X11 freaks and start
checking in LGPL.

And don't discuss with morons, especially non-developers ... :-)


Claus Fischer <claus.fischer at>

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