Wine license change

John Alvord jalvo at
Mon Feb 11 11:22:20 CST 2002

On Mon, 11 Feb 2002 01:24:00 -0500, Marcus Brubaker
<marcus.brubaker at> wrote:

>In (b), well, it doesn't matter.  What would happen right now if Lindows droped 
>off the map.  All the work they did on WINE goes down the tubes, and no one 
>benefits on either side.  Great, Lindows made a quick buck off of WINE and 
>contributed nothing in return.  If WINE were (L)GPL, at least then the WINE 
>project would have the fruits of their labours.

That is about what happened with the Corel effort. Corel has dropped
off the map Linux and WINE-wise but the project benefitted from their
temporary involvement.

john alvord

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