wineconf 2002 user submitted agenda topics

Michael Robertson michael at
Mon Feb 11 18:07:56 CST 2002

Here's a list of some of the suggestions people have sent in for wineconf 
2002. It demonstrates where people's 
interest is and not a confirmation of the agenda or that the proposed 
speaker has even confirmed. Some have not responded to my email (like Dr. 
Ulrich Weigand). As you can see, there's no shortage of interesting topics. 
Please keep sending me your input and I'll incorporate. I haven't made it 
through everyone's suggestions yet.

Company Presentations:
Transgaming, Success To Date [Transgaming/State]
ReactOS - Where it's at, where it's going [ReactOS/Filby]
Corel, A Look Back [Xandros/Tranter]
Crossover Strategy [Codeweavers/JW]
Macadamian - Making It As A Software House [Macadamian/???]

WINE's "Most Wanted": Features To Make WINE Great [???]
Developer Funding, Who Pays The Rent [???]
Future of WINE licensing [CW/White]

Development Model [CW/AJ]
NORM - The secret weapon [Codeweavers/???]
Making Fonts Not Look Like Crap [CW/Timoshkov/Davies]
Multimedia And WINE [eric.pouech at]
Regression Testing [???]
How To Improve The Debugger [Meissner/marcus at]
Maximizing performance of WINE [???]
Package streamlining of WINE [???]
WinNT APIs (Odin, ReactOS, winNT wine, WINE) [???]
DirectX [Transgaming/Kaaven]
WINE as a porting tool [Macadamian/Jacques]
Native user.dll [Dr. Ulrich Weigand]
API Standardization [???]
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