Wine license change

Patrik Stridvall ps at
Tue Feb 12 03:36:33 CST 2002

> Patrik Stridvall wrote:
> > 
> > > Francois describes the central issue well: the LGPL will
> > > provide a way for the vendors to trust each other.
> > >
> > > Let those of us who understand this simply start releasing
> > > our Wine changes under the LGPL, regardless of what anyone
> > > else does.  That should make it clear which way the main
> > > tree should go.
> > 
> > First of all what "those of us"? You mean "those of you"?
> > Searching the mailing lists I see that you from time to
> > time have provided various testing, suggestions or
> > other information but I can see no patches.
> Ask Jeremy White if he thinks I've been contributing to the cause 
> lately; I bet he considers the stuff I've written lately to 
> be helpful,
> even if it doesn't appear in the tree.

OK. I got a little carried away. Sorry.

> > Secondly understand what?
> Understand that the LGPL enables competitors to trust each other.

Yes, I understand that you think the LGPL will enable competitors
to trust each other.

However if wrapper libraries are allowed all such bets are off.
You could just implement whatever you think gives you the
competative advantage in a seperate library under a proprietary
license and just release the wrappers.

In fact some things actually makes sense to have in a seperate
library maintained seperately from Wine. Of course it would
be preferable if such library was under a Open Source license,
but then if the LGPL can't enforce this then I can see how
you can claim that any trust must exists.

Consequently you must believe that the LGPL can enforce this and
since you claimed not only you believed that it would, but used
the word understand, I assumed that you REALLY understand how the
LGPL works.

But from the statement below it seems that you don't, do you?
> I can't address your and Roger's concerns about the LGPL
> effectively because we seem to have such different world
> views that communication is difficult.  My apologies; I'm
> just not a good communicator sometimes.

What different worlds view? If the LGPL in unambigeous it
means one and only one thing in the world of law, the
only world that counts.

So never mind what I believe or see the world,
explain what the LGPL means the world of law. You said you
understand it enforces trust, so please explain why?
Never mind that you seems to believe that we
wouldn't understand it. Please explain it to
the world, I'm sure somebody will understand it.

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