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>>>>> "Michael" == Michael Cardenas <michaelc at> writes:

    Michael> Hello everyone. My name is Michael Cardenas and I'm working on
    Michael> Wine for I'd like to start a lot more
    Michael> communication with all of you and I have a couple of questions.

    Michael> I'm working on an app that uses a custom dll which requires
    Michael> msvcp60.dll to be loaded at launch time and won't launch
    Michael> without it.

    Michael> Currently there's no implementation of msvcp60.dll in wine. Is
    Michael> that just because no one has needed it yet? 

Probably. Another possibility might be that every application that needs it,
has a copy in it's setup.

    Michael> Or has someone
    Michael> looked into this and seen that it's too large to do? Or is it
    Michael> just not needed and there's some substitute dll? Doing some
    Michael> research, I see that on a fresh install of Windows98, the dll
    Michael> is present, so it seems to be a common windows dll. MSDN
    Michael> mentions the dll in this article:
    Michael> "A good example of this is the Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime
    Michael> assembly, which includes atl.dll, mfc42.dll, mfc42u.dll, and
    Michael> msvcp60.dll."  

This explicitly points to my guess above. Nearly every application using MFC 
distributes the files mentioned.

    Michael> Also, there's been basically no discussion of
    Michael> this dll on this mailing list.  So, to proceed, I'm going to
    Michael> create a stub dll and hope the app will launch and not need
    Michael> many functions from that dll. I'd like to know if there's a
    Michael> good way to make a complete stub for the dll. Right now, I just
    Michael> made a stub dll with one function.

There is no "good way" know yet. It seems msvcp60.dll exports a hugh number
of entries ( >2000). So I guess it falls in the mfc42 category (nearly
impossible to reimplement because of sheer size).
also has some good explanations around that redistribution license.

Hope this helps

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