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Tue Feb 12 12:54:29 CST 2002

On Tue, Feb 12, 2002 at 09:51:01AM -0800, Michael Cardenas wrote:
> Currently there's no implementation of msvcp60.dll in wine. Is that just
> because no one has needed it yet? Or has someone looked into this and seen
> that it's too large to do? Or is it just not needed and there's some
> substitute dll? Doing some research, I see that on a fresh install of
> Windows98, the dll is present, so it seems to be a common windows dll. MSDN
> mentions the dll in this article:
> "A good example of this is the Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime assembly, which
> includes atl.dll, mfc42.dll, mfc42u.dll, and msvcp60.dll."
> Also, there's been basically no discussion of this dll on this mailing 
> list.
> So, to proceed, I'm going to create a stub dll and hope the app will launch
> and not need many functions from that dll. I'd like to know if there's a
> good way to make a complete stub for the dll. Right now, I just made a stub
> dll with one function.
Well, you might want to create an export table with the *real* function

Use pedump for that.

Also, it contains some common functions like mbrtowc() and such,
so maybe it should be based on msvcrt.
Most functions have mangled names and appear to be different, though.
There was a way to demangle these function names.
(I think winedbg includes demangling support)

Just go ahead.

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