wineconf 2002 user submitted agenda topics

Jeremy White jwhite at
Tue Feb 12 13:55:44 CST 2002

> How To Improve The Debugger [Meissner/marcus at]
> Just to be clear, this is a User suggestion.
> I haven't yet decided whether to go at all. ;)

FWIW, every listing of my name or CodeWeavers name was also done
without my knowledge or consent; I'm not currently planning
on going, so it'll be a bit hard for me to speak...

> Also, Eric Pouech would probably be more capable of doing that style
> of lecture.
> I would be more capable of doing a "How to debug a random windows program,
> different approaches" or "how to rebottle WINE for easy consumption"
> session ;)
> Ciao, Marcus


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