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Fruhwirth Clemens clemens at
Tue Feb 12 14:05:43 CST 2002

On Tue, Feb 12, 2002 at 09:29:51PM +0200, Shane Shields wrote:

> i know that some would disagree and some would agree thats the way the cookie 
> crumbles. but i think that the most important thing is for people to make a 
> decision for themselves and not to try to convince people that dont want to 
> be convinced. its a waste of programming time and cpu cycles (sound familier 
> m$).

voter education is a fundamental part of voting, not speak democracy itself.
nothing harms the voting process more than unreasonable voters, so it's good 
that there is discussion on licenses.
what's not good is that they are discussed over and over again. it's
duplicated work, which is just as worse as duplicated code.
this should be discussed once, it's conclusions should be written done in 
a book, and copies should be shipped to the whole open source community.

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