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Gavriel State gav at
Tue Feb 12 16:32:55 CST 2002

Andriy Palamarchuk wrote:
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> > o A new non-profit company is created: WineCorp
> > o Developers contribute their work to WineCorp -
> >   possibly assigning
> >   copyright, or at least giving WineCorp the rights
> >   to do with the code whatever it pleases.
> > o WineCorp distributes the code under an AFPL-like
> > license - no commercial redistribution allowed.
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> You did not mention whether you want to have this
> license only or to have Wine licensed also with some
> open-source license?
> I think in this case even GPL can be a choice for the
> second license.

Under the WineCorp approach, the AFPL + an allowance 
for commercial redistribution if Wine code is returned is 
essentially equivalent to the LGPL.  It's more flexible though, 
since it allows for the possibility of other unforseen ways in 
which commercial redistribution without immediate release 
of source would be possible.  

It would also be possible for the WineCorp to allow certain
portions or all of the code to be dual-licensed under the LGPL
and mixed with other GPL or LGPLed projects.


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