Licensing response and an idea

Lean Fuglsang s011272 at
Tue Feb 12 17:31:51 CST 2002

Thanks for an enlightening post, Gav.


I am not a developer (yet). But I truly believe in the spirit of
OpenSource Free software. I have reported some bug reports, but I would
really like to contribute more. 

When I first heard about a (very) possible licens change to GPL I
thought it was a great Idea, because I hate companies who take code and
don't contribute back. With the current license this is possible.
But I also think it would be a shame for companies with good intentions
(as Transgaming) who (maybe:) will contribute all there code back, and
make very fast directed code to wine.

I would also be very delighted to pay money directly to the wine project
because I like it and use it. An important note is that this is what I
do with everything that I buy. When I by music, it is because I like it
and have heard it and want's to support the artist. Same with movies.
I know this is not the way the corporate world works at the moment, but
I can pirate music/video/software very easily and therefore they have to
trust me to pay for what I want's to pay to.

Phew, hope I didn't confuse all of you (like I confused my self:)

But the point is, I really like to make contribution to a gratis project
if it is GPL'ed or dual licensed (for 'good' corporations).

Many of the people I know has the same 'Ideology' as me, and don't
pirate things they think aren't sh**t. 
And after I have changed to linux and opensource, I have actually
pirated a lot less, because all stuff are free, and the things that
aren't 'stands out', so to speak.

Just my .02$ (and maybe more if it goes as I hope:)


Ps. Hope I send this mail to the right place

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