Copyright, derivative works, and truly free licensing (Was:

Brett Glass brett at
Tue Feb 12 18:28:36 CST 2002

At 05:29 AM 2/12/2002, Rolf Kalbermatter wrote:

>For me, your
>posts had from the first beginning the character of somone on a crusade against
>RMS,  the FSF and anything connected with it. Although some of your remarks
>would have been at least interesting, that fanaticism in wording your opinion about
>xGPL, making claims about what someone elses intentions "doubtlessly" are, 

The intentions of which I speak are as stated directly by the author. There
is no doubt whatsoever as to what those intentions are.

>The subject
>of what direction Wine should go, seemed obviosly just the coat hanger on which
>you continued this, your personal crusade!

I'm not on a "crusade" at all. However, I think it's important to 
prevent WINE from becoming part of Stallman's crusade. Which it will, if
it adopts his license.

>I'm certainly
>not a xGPL fanatic, but it personally feels not right to me that people spend their
>time on something to work on and any company can come in and take whatever
>there is and make profit out of it, without contributing something back. 

Please don't fall prey to the fallacy propagated by Stallman. As I've demonstrated 
in earlier messages, such companies can only benefit from their OWN work, not 
from yours. What you're doing, if you contribute to truly free software (not
what the FSF misleadingly labels "Free" software with a capital "F"), is
benefiting the world and advancing the state of the art. This is good and you
should be praised for doing it. But you're not giving companies a free ride
at all. They'll still have to work their posteriors off, and even then may
not be successful. If they succeed, they'll have earned it with their own
sweat, not yours.


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