Wine license change

Dan Kegel dank at
Wed Feb 13 11:20:58 CST 2002

Brett Glass wrote:
> At 09:50 AM 2/11/2002, Dan Kegel wrote:
> >Francois describes the central issue well: the LGPL will
> >provide a way for the vendors to trust each other.
> No; the LGPL would provide a way for the vendors to sabotage
> one another -- and, most likely, ALL fail as businesses.

Sabotage?  Brett, you might be getting a bit carried away here.

IMHO the BSD vs. LGPL debate is a bit like those between
members of opposing political parties.  Reasonable people
can disagree on these sorts of issues.  

The LGPL will provide a way for service-oriented businesses like 
Codeweaver or Red Hat, who write code for others for a living, to thrive.  

Intellectual-property-oriented businesses might not be so happy
philosophically with the LGPL, but if you believe the arguments of Patrik and
Roger from Dec 18th or so, which say the LGPL is powerless
to prevent companies from linking in proprietary extensions,
they ought to be able to cope.

- Dan

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