Wine license change

Brett Glass brett at
Wed Feb 13 13:57:19 CST 2002

At 12:26 PM 2/13/2002, Paul Millar wrote:

>> It's hard to conceive of a rational business model that did not recognize
>> the advantage of offloading maintenance of non-strategic code to an 
>> open source team.
>True for non-strategic code, but what about _strategic_ code (strategic in
>the sense that the business model assumes the retention of IP-rights). If
>this is based on BSD-licensed code then there is no incentive to release
>the code back to the community.

Whether or not it's based on BSD-licensed code, it's a good idea for the
business not to release it for everyone to use. If it's of real value, though,
it will probably have a lot of originality to it.


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