Wineconf attendance

Michael Robertson michael at
Wed Feb 13 19:15:50 CST 2002

We currently have 35 registered people not counting the inquisitive 
reporter who signed up. I believe all are from wine-devel list since that's 
the only place I've seen it mentioned.

Companies represented include:
- Codeweavers
- Transgaming
- ReactOS
- Macadamian
- Xandros
- Cadlink Technologies
- Caldera
- DSSD Software Inc.
- 2 Geeks Computer Systems
- DeviceForge
- Some big OEMs
- Other companies
- A bunch of unaffiliated people

If you would like to do a company presentation, please let me know and 
we'll do our best to accommodate.

On the technical track, since attendees will be the speakers please think 
about the topic that would be interesting that you are knowledgeable about. 
This is all about people leaving smarter than they came and that happens 
best with everyone sharing their information and ideas. One of the 3 people 
on the Frankfurt/San Diego express, Dr. Ulrich Weigand has volunteered to 
speak on the following two topics:

- 16-bit Windows: how does the support for 16-bit in Wine work, how much
16-bit code is still there in Windows 95/98/ME, how are the various
types of thunks etc. implemented, what are the chances of running native
Windows 95/98/ME 16-/32-bit DLL pairs under Wine (this would include
the user.dll question Uwe suggested)

- Debugger: how does the Wine debugger work, details about the various
debugging formats (including the undocumented .PDB format) ...

The biggest request is to hear from Alexandre Julliard who is working on 
his keynote to open the event now which rumor has it is better than the 
opening ceremonies of the Olympics.

Only one request for "fencing and WINE". Sorry Gav. :)

-- MR
michael at

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