Licensing response and an idea

Brett Glass brett at
Wed Feb 13 20:02:15 CST 2002

At 06:39 PM 2/13/2002, Tony Bryant wrote:

>It just forces a different way of making money - charging for your
>time, not charging for your IP.

Which puts programmers "on a treadmill." Stallman states, in "The
GNU Manifesto," that this is intended to be a way of effectively
"banning" good salaries for programmers.

Alas, businesses that try to give away the code and charge for time 
are rarely more than marginally successful and usually fail.

>One has to wonder why it matters what other people do with Wine. Wasn't 
>Wine developed because we wanted to run some windoze apps on linux? 
>Who really cares what codeweavers, transgaming etc do to it. Just as
>long as I can still run my windows apps on linux, I'm happy. If lindows
>sells a few copies of what is effectively free, what skin is it off
>our noses?

Exactly my point. The developers should be glad that they code that 
they've released is being used by as many people and in as many ways 
as possible! This is the great thing about the MIT/BSD licenses.


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