FW: Patch: Double-click support

Michael C. Maggio voyager at voyd.net
Thu Feb 14 11:00:53 CST 2002

It looks like this patch wasn't applied to CVS and I didn't see any comments
here in wine-devel.  Before I resubmit I just want to make sure that it
wasn't turned down for any particular reason.

        =Michael C. Maggio

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Subject: Patch: Double-click support

This patch adds support for double clicking in Wine.  The added function,
_is_dblclick(), is invoked with each button-down mouse event.  The event
must be the same button (left, middle, or right), at the same X,Y position,
and occur within 500 milliseconds from the previous event.  The original
button-down event is still invoked regardless of the double-click.  Tested
in Starcraft.  :)

Ideally, we may eventually want to determine the double-click delay time
from the registry, as it is a configurable Windows setting.  But this should
serve the purpose in the mean time.

One last tidbit of info - I did not add a function prototype to any header
files given the limited scope of this function.  Whether this deviates from
the Wine Development Standard (tm), I do not know.  Perhaps a local
prototype is more suitable in this case for the sake of ANSI-C compliance.
I would appreciate knowing, at least, what the preferred method of
prototyping is.

ChangeLog: Adds support for double-click events via _is_dblclick().

        =Michael C. Maggio
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