Licensing response and an idea

Marcus Brubaker marcus.brubaker at
Thu Feb 14 13:15:48 CST 2002

>>It's a real problem, and a compromise is required.
> The current license is far and away the best compromise. The
> (L)GPL is not a compromise; it is an extreme. The public domain
> is the other extreme. The X11 license sits in the middle.

The words of a man who has no intention, interest or desire to compromise. 
"There is no need to compromise because my way is the right way."  Brett, no one 
on this list that has read your posts fails to see your point.  Some of them 
disagree, some of them agree, but a) you have no formal say in the decision (of 
course, you're free to do as you've done and bemoan the issue) and b) you have 
shown no willingness to look at the points of view of the other members of this 
list who don't think the same way you do.

I think it's time you, to use a phrase, either put up or shut up.  If you want 
people to listen to you more than you've listened to them, then write some code. 
  Then, people might be more interested in what you have to say.  Saying "Well, 
I *might* contribute, so long as you don't change the license" and presuming 
that your vapourware-work is any sort of argument for people to listen to you 
and do what you want, is ridiculous, childish and egotistical.

We've heard your arguments and attacks on the FSF and RMS.  Fine, you've stated 
your case and made your point.  Now let the people that can actually make the 
decision make it.

Marcus Brubaker

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