drawtext should not split words on clipping

Medland, Bill Bill.Medland at accpac.com
Thu Feb 14 17:18:15 CST 2002

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I think we're supposed to discuss these on wine devel

> Subject: Re: drawtext should not split words on clipping
> I've only read the description, so maybe I'm guessing wrongly what the
> path does. Sometimes it is preferrable to split a word in the 
> middle to
> not splitting very long words (like URLS).

Yes, but you don't split it by saying it should be clipped; you split it by
specifying, for example, DT_WORDBREAK | DT_EDITCONTROL (which results in
breaking within the word if the whole word doesn't fit)

This is a small part of a long sequence of changes that, I believe, are
required to make DrawText work correctly overall, especially when it comes
to ellipsification and word breaking on multiple lines.  (The current
version believes that ellipsification is only done if DT_SINGLELINE is
specified!!).  Maybe there is some case where the existing code "worked" by
accident and it doesn't now but if so then I believe it should be fixed
properly (which won't really be possible until I've submitted a couple more
major reworks).

Actually it's getting difficult to figure out how to do the next stage
without a 500 line delta, because somewhere along the line I think it
requires a complete revamp of the core routine (and, tempting as it may be,
I am not happy submitting 250 lines of code that aren't yet called but will
be when I submit the next delta).

I am perfectly happy to discuss this with anyone who wants to; otherwise
please bear with me.  I honestly believe I know what I am doing.



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