Licensing response and an idea

lee johnson lee at
Thu Feb 14 19:02:48 CST 2002

> The issue at hand is that neither the LGPL, nor the current Wine
> license meet every Wine developer's needs and goals, with the
> consequense that the development effort spent on Wine may be
> slowed or fragmented.  It's a real problem, and a compromise
> is required.
> I'm thankful that the principal Wine developers, including
> the representatives of commercial interests, all seem very
> level-headed and pragmatic with regard to the problem.  Hopefully
> they will find a compromise that allows them to pursue their
> common goals, to the benefit of the greater Wine community.

.....well said and thats my hope as its been all along....I am not a
programmer at this stage in my life albeit I'm learning swiftly, but I
do use Linux and its meant a great deal to me to be able to do so from
so many different angles I can't begin to tell you.

     Linux is about choice and open sharing for the greater good and I'm
excited about the possibilities laid before me,- and can only hope these
matters are settled swiftly and consisely in a way that as Christopher
so eloquently good for the team that has worked so hard
to get this far,the greater wine 'community' and likely those that are
utilising that same code will decide that the basis on which this was
founded warrants respect in said decisions.

    To do less leads us where ?


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