OT: Wine build system tech info

David Elliott dfe at tgwbd.org
Thu Feb 14 20:56:02 CST 2002

On 2002.02.13 23:41 Alexandre Julliard wrote:
> Actually an advantage of a makedep tool is that you generate all the
> dependencies for a directory in one step. This means that you only
> need to parse each include file once, even if it is included from
> multiple .c files. This can easily be an order of magnitude faster
> than preprocessing each file individually (though with recent gccs you
> can use gcc -MD to generate dependencies while compiling the file,
> which is even more efficient; sadly it's not portable).

Ah yes.. good point.

I'll probably wind up using Wine's makedep for my project then.  If I 
recall though, it had issues with includes that were only included if 
something was specifically defined.  Maybe I should take another look at 
it.  X11's makedepend still chokes on #if's with logical operators and 
also likes to generate dependencies for the system headers too which just 
fills up the makefile with tons of dependency info.

Maybe I can find some time to look through and extend Wine's makedep to be 
a bit more usefull for projects other than Wine.  Or maybe I should read a 
bit more documentation on it first. :-)


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