Licensing response and an idea

Sean Farley scf at
Thu Feb 14 21:35:57 CST 2002

On Thu, 14 Feb 2002 13:58, Christopher Dewey wrote:

> Brett Glass wrote:
> >
> > The current license is far and away the best compromise. The
> > (L)GPL is not a compromise; it is an extreme. The public domain
> > is the other extreme. The X11 license sits in the middle.
> It's the best for you, perhaps.  Jeremy White has expressed that
> it's no longer the best compromise for *his* business model.  You
> clearly have no respect for that, but then you're not arguing
> honestly here; you have a political agenda and an axe to grind.
> Please do it elsewhere.

The only problem is that we don't know what the problem is.  We have
been informed that Jeremy has a problem with the current license but not
what the problem is.  His solution is to change the license although it
may not be in the best interest of Lindows and TransGaming.  According
to your inference to Brett, he would be showing them no respect to
*their* business models.


P.S.  I am not implying Jeremy is trying to do anything against either
Lindows or TransGaming; I am just playing devil's advocate.   IOW, no
flames please.  :)
scf at

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