Wine's path VS host path

Michael Cardenas michaelc at
Fri Feb 15 10:35:17 CST 2002

actually, I don't see a path specified in my wine config file, are you sure
that's how it gets the unix path?

and if it is stored in the config file, you could just use a pretty simple
sed or perl script to insert it into the file.

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> On Thu, 14 Feb 2002, David D. Hagood wrote:
> > Due to circumstances beyond my control, I have an embedded system that I
> > am developing that uses Windows based compilers. Unfortunately, WinNT
> > bluescreens too much for me to be able to work, so I have ported the
> > project to using Gnu Make, with the compilers being executed via Wine.
> >
> > The problem is that the compilers search the path for their
> > sub-components (just like GCC does - the driver calls the preprocessor,
> > compiler, assembler, etc.).
> >
> > Now, the location of the project within the filesystem is not fixed - it
> > depends upon where the developer checks it out. The project has the
> > compilers stored along with the code, so the project is
> > "self-contained". The project has a shell script that sets several
> > environment variables describing the location of the project, and adds
> > the needed directories to the Unix path. However, Wine (wisely) does not
> > make that path available to the Windows program, so when the compiler
> > driver looks for the preprocessor, it bombs.
> Pity you couldn't use some other environment variable.  The entire unix
> environment is available in the windows app's environment, but PATH is
> significant to windows apps, I guess, so wine takes the windified
> version of it from the config file to replace the *NIX value.  If your
> compiler would look in, say MYPATH, a shell script could easily set that
> how it liked.
> *nix current directory is another possibility you should consider.  If
> it happens that it can be accessed somewhere on a Wine drive, Wine will
> use it as the windows current directory, which is on the windows path, I
> think, implicitly.  If not it will use the windows directory and write a
> mesage to that effect.
> >
> > As a work-around, I've stated the the developers must install the tools
> > into a fixed directory, and add that directory to the Windows path as
> > defined in ~/.wine/config. However, it would be nice if the setup shell
> > script could add the tools directory within the project automatically to
> > the Wine path.
> >
> > Has any thought been given to honoring a WINEPATH (or similar)
> > environment variable, which would be added to the Wine path at runtime?
> >
> > On a related note: would it be possible to have a means to tell the
> > wineserver process to "hang around" for a few seconds after the last
> > wine process using it has terminated? Again, in this make process you
> > get lots of "start wine, start compiler, compile, exit. Start wine,
> > start compiler, compile, exit" operations - if the wineserver stuck
> > around for 2 seconds after the last wine process terminated, this would
> > aviod starting and stopping the wineserver process.
> >
> start
> wineserver -p
> before starting any compiles, it will serve until it is killed.
> kill it with -INT or -TERM, please, not -KILL.  -KILL will force it to
> leave a stale socket you will have to remove by hand.
> Lawson
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