Jeremy makes a persuasive argument for LGPL

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12:19 PM 2/15/2002, Sylvain Petreolle wrote:
> >Time of reinventing the wheel in every program is
> over
> Exactly the opposite is true. When the (L)GPL is
> stamped
> onto code, every commercial programmer must reinvent
> the wheel rather than using it.

In your vision of the software industry, we should act
as ... dinosaurs ? Is this what do you want ? He,
Dinosaurs had their time !

> Many of these programmers
> work for small businesses that are trying to compete
> with behemoths such as Microsoft, and will not have
> the resources to survive if they must reimpelement.

Don't you think that reimplementing everyone's
libraries in every program you launch slows Windows
today ?
You have two programs that needs to do approximately
the same functions. ( I could say IDENTICAL)
And these programs are using two times memory as they
would need, they have used programmer's skill and
others things.

Now consider that ALL Windows programs are in the same
case (except for programs that use Microsoft's

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Time of reinventing the wheel in every program is over
! xGPL is here !

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