BSD, Gav, LGPL, Jeremy, and business

Dimitrie O. Paun dimi at
Fri Feb 15 15:13:32 CST 2002

On Fri, 15 Feb 2002, Patrik Stridvall wrote:

> Still think that after reading my reply to Jeremy?

Yes, I do. 

Listen Patrik, in the past you seemed to be a reasonable person. Now you
are indistingushible from a troll. Really. It seems that whatever is
argued, you have a psychotic tendency to invent a counter-argument, no
matter how silly it is. Now, that fun sometimes, but it has gone too long,
too often in this bitter thread. For this very reason I have avoided to
argue with you, but I will make this one exception, since the thread has
progressed past useful long time ago.

> Very true and this significantly weakens any "protection"
> that the LGPL offers.

Which is a feature, and which should silence all reasonable BSD
supporters. The ones that are left, simply ignore this very important FACT
(It's emphesised since I don't want to argue it, let's assume it for the
purpose of this discussion).
> Perhaps, but at a terrible price. Read my reply to Jeremy.

Crap. What terrible price, WTF are you guys smoking, 'cause I want some of
it! Once again: Wine is isomorphous to a Linux distribution. They are
growing MUCH faster than Wine ever did. They have a lot of commercial
backers. Stop this stupid, idiotic, "LGPL will kill all
business" argument.
> Somehow you seem to believe that all reasonable business models
> will strictly following DLL boundaries, but you have given.
> absolutely no proof of this, you just assume it.

Patrick, you are incorrigible. Yes, our purpose in choosing a license is
not to support as many business models as possible. No. It is to find a
licence that _overall_ is best for Wine. Now, we all agree that some
commercial involvment is good. The question is, how much? All possible
one? Like everything is life, the answer must lie in the middle, not at
axtreme. So we must sacrifice a few business models to benefit Wine. It's
just fare. An LGPL licence will keep most of them still viable (such as
TransGaming, for example). WTF is your problem with it?

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