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Shane Shields locutusenterprises at
Fri Feb 15 14:49:23 CST 2002

>The words of a man who has no intention, interest or desire to compromise. 
>"There is no need to compromise because my way is the right way."  Brett, no 
>on this list that has read your posts fails to see your point.  Some of them 
>disagree, some of them agree, but a) you have no formal say in the decision 
>course, you're free to do as you've done and bemoan the issue) and b) you 
>shown no willingness to look at the points of view of the other members of 
>list who don't think the same way you do.

>I think it's time you, to use a phrase, either put up or shut up.  If you 
>people to listen to you more than you've listened to them, then write some 
> Then, people might be more interested in what you have to say.  Saying 
>I *might* contribute, so long as you don't change the license" and presuming 
>that your vapourware-work is any sort of argument for people to listen to 
>and do what you want, is ridiculous, childish and egotistical.

>We've heard your arguments and attacks on the FSF and RMS.  Fine, you've 
>your case and made your point.  Now let the people that can actually make 
>decision make it.

hear hear

im glad that you said it. cause if you wasnt going to i was. some people like 
arguing for arguments sake but it takes two (or more) people to have an 
argument. if no-one was to reply to an unwanted solicitation then that outlet 
of expression will die a limp death. for people who enjoy vendettas and 
slander the best medicine is to deny them the satisfaction of knowing that 
they have produced a response. in other words dont respond to useless 
verbatribe and it will dissapear like butter on a hot plate.

this is the only mail that you will see from me about this subject (no need 
to regurgitate useless code)

best regards
Shane Shields

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