Wineconf attendance

David Elliott dfe at
Fri Feb 15 20:26:21 CST 2002

On 2002.02.13 20:36 Alexandre Julliard wrote:
> Gavriel State <gav at> writes:
> > Since various people have been saying "I'll go if you go", I just want
> to let
> > people know that Ove and I will both be going to the Wineconf.
> In case it helps other people decide, I confirm that I'll be going
> too.
Wish I could make it, but I am on the east coast, not the west.

> > Maybe I'll bring my fencing equipment and we can settle the licensing
> debate
> > properly with a duel. 8-)
> Works for me. I'll bring a shotgun ;-)

No no no... you need a pistol for that.

Like in Indiana Jones (forget which one, warning: if you haven't seen 
them, STOP NOW, rent all 3, and come back) where the guy comes up to 
Harrison Ford waving his sword all around.  Harrison Ford looks down at 
the gun for a second, looks back at the guy, and just shoots him. :-)


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