wine and debian - what's up?

Dan Kegel dank at
Sat Feb 16 12:46:18 CST 2002 says
> From:    Anthony Towns <aj at>
> To:      debian-devel-announce at
> Subject: [2002-02-16] Release Status Update
> Date:    Sat, 16 Feb 2002 12:23:18 +1000
> Hi guys,
> The good news, and the bad news.
> The good news is that base is back in good shape. glibc, base-passwd and
> rsync have all had their RC bugs fixed which is very pleasing. ...
> The bad news is that this means we're probably releasing soon, and that of
> the hundreds of less important packages with RC bugs (eg, bugzilla, craft,
> crossfire-{client,server}, epic4, fvwm95, gmc, gnome-admin, intuitively,
> kdepim, moon-lander, tkdesk, wine, and xosview) will be getting randomly
> ripped out of testing (in the case where bugs apply to the version in
> testing, anyway). What this means, is that if packages you're interested
> in have accumulated RC bugs (ie serious, grave or critical) you've almost
> run out of time to get them fixed if you want them released.

What bugs are they talking about with wine?

I only saw one marked as grave:

but this one looks worth responding to, too:

It might be good for wine developers who like debian to have a look at
the debian bug tracking system.  The main problem appears to be being
addressed, but a little overkill never hurt.

- Dan

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