Bug in ICO_ExtractIconExW

mehmet yasar myasar at free.fr
Sun Feb 17 10:20:21 CST 2002

> in this case, maybe you could try something like :
> if (ParseFieldA(szDest, 2, sNum, 5))
>   *dwNr = atoi(sNum);
> else
>   *dwNr = 0;
> I'm not sure it's correct, since it would mean that Wine
> would always search for the icon 0 in the file. As I don't
> know what is the exact meaning of the icon number in
> the registry, I can't say more. However, it *should* not
> crash anymore (if I'm right) as at least dwNr would be
> initialized.
> Gerard


I have no more crash (tested with differents folders) and the icon of 
"gz" files is correct.


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