WineCorp (was Re: Wine license change)

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Sun Feb 17 11:30:27 CST 2002

In article <20020213204809.A30749 at biscuit.chronic>, David Elliott
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>On 2002.02.13 13:52 Ian Schmidt wrote:
>> To put this back on topic, I don't see any immediate benefits from a LGPL
>> license.  If we knew what the threat to Wine Jeremy hinted at was, it
>> might
>> make for a more informed discussion.  I also liked Gav's idea about
>> WineCorp
>> a lot as a compromise, and I'd love to see more dicussion of that and
>> less
>> licensing flaming.
>Agreed.  In my private mail to Alexandre I mentioned that we need some 
>sort of "Wine Foundation".  Apparently Gav has the same idea and at least 
>one other person (you) seems to like it too.

I would really like _this_ part of the thread to continue too (*),  with
comments from Codeweavers, and some of the other wine heavies perhaps
guiding 'us' with their insights.

Bob Hall (lurker :-) )

* (and other licence issues to be continued elsewhere, preferably off-
robert w hall

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