I've tried to change keyboard table.. No good...

Björn Róbertsson brobertsson15 at netscape.net
Mon Feb 18 09:43:52 CST 2002

Please give us a solution! I see that the only "solution" for this has 
been Thomas' Quinots patch for x11lib, which only works for XFree 3.3.1 
which is only available in some ancient ... well considering we'd prefer 
to run RedHat 7.X or SuSE 7.X or Mandrake 8.X running RH 5.0 is somewhat 
too old...

I've done the Xmodmap thing and it does work for me, but I cannot 
suggest Linux as an alternative desktop solution.

Bjorn Robertsson
bjornr at nyherji.is

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