Concerning the boot procedure for renaming/deleting files

Gerhard W. Gruber sparhawk at
Mon Feb 18 10:58:01 CST 2002

Something not to do with licencing, I hope that poeple have time for
this as well. :)

I've submitted a patch that is the preliminary for processing the files
that are installed with a setup in order to be deleted/renamed when
windows boots. The files are now entered into the registry as I have
seen how it is done on NT4.0. I have now some questions regarding this.

1.) When I verified this with a testprogram on NT I noticed that the
MoveFileEx code enters the names like this

Does anybody know what the \??\ stands for and wether the '1' for the
renaming entry has some function? I coudn't find anything regarding this
and I hardcoded this as to now.

2.) I've looked into the program winebootup from Andreas Morh and I
could finish this (at least regarding the boot processing for now). BUt
I don't see the advantage of having a seperate program that does some
stuff that should be done when a wine process starts up.

When I check if there is something to process this takes a trivially
small time, so performance can't be the issue. I don't really like the
idea of having a seperate program for this because in my opinion it
belongs into the wine startup code to do this sort of work. Also I think
that this will lead to additional questions because people will install
programms and then wonder why it doesn't work after successfull
installation, so they will ask whats wrong (and I gues this will happen
again and again). Furthermore I bet that most people may forget about
this secondary program that is needed to run because setup is not done
that often once a system is set up properly so people might tend to
forget about it. The other thing could be that this secondary program
will substitute the startupe program in which case there is no need for
a second program in the first place. 

Any opinions on how to best integrate the boot processing?

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