Jeremy makes a persuasive argument for LGPL

J.Brown (Ender/Amigo) ender at
Mon Feb 18 11:54:23 CST 2002

> The point in favor of the GPL as brought by Jeremy, is that the xGPL will
> encourage contributions. I have to agree with Jeremie: with the BSD
> license, companies will tend to keep things back. Look at Apples OS-X. It
> is based on BSD, but they probably NEVER will make their code public. So
> what benefit does the community have from it?

Well, I am in favor of the LGPL for wine (although other licenses have
their own benifits).. But I'll play the devils advocate here snd point
that and Apple HAVE released the core BSD code for OS-X under their own
license. It's called 'Darwin'.

It's missing all the pretty GUI bits that Apple are still keeping to
themselves, but they HAVE open-sourced the kernel itself.

 - Ender

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