Clarification on my call for license change

Andreas Mohr andi at
Mon Feb 18 12:29:40 CST 2002

On Mon, Feb 18, 2002 at 03:06:04PM -0300, Roland wrote:
> At 03:02 PM 2/15/02 -0600, Aric Stewart wrote:
> >As a developer who has worked on far too many
> >proprietary Wine trees and seen all the fights the Jeremy has gone
> >through. I want to be assured that i can give my code back to the wine
> >community.
> >
> >-aric
> >aric at
> Hmm, I think you should also mention that this favours your business: the 
> more amount of WINE code that is freely available, the easier it is for 
> your companie to serve future clients. Thus you are also acting on your own 
> interest here...lets just be honest, ok?
Haha, let me just nullify this for you :-)
You could just as well have added in the same sentence that this will
put Codeweavers out of business faster because everything just will
"magically work" and nobody needs anyone to fix anything any more ;-)

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