Concerning the boot procedure for renaming/deleting files

David Elliott dfe at
Tue Feb 19 18:08:42 CST 2002

On 2002.02.18 11:58 Gerhard W. Gruber wrote:

> When I check if there is something to process this takes a trivially
> small time, so performance can't be the issue. I don't really like the
> idea of having a seperate program for this because in my opinion it
> belongs into the wine startup code to do this sort of work. Also I think
> that this will lead to additional questions because people will install
> programms and then wonder why it doesn't work after successfull
> installation, so they will ask whats wrong (and I gues this will happen
> again and again). Furthermore I bet that most people may forget about
> this secondary program that is needed to run because setup is not done
> that often once a system is set up properly so people might tend to
> forget about it. The other thing could be that this secondary program
> will substitute the startupe program in which case there is no need for
> a second program in the first place.

The problem with doing it in the wine startup code is that it means you 
will have to shut down all wine processes and the server and then start 
something up again for it to do the changes.  That means essentially doing 
a "reboot" of wine.  Yes, I know that the whole point of this 
functionality is to do this on reboot but on UNIX this is not necessary.  
It is conceivable to have one program running in wine, to install another 
program, and when the installer finishes to simply run the winebootup or 
whatever Winelib program to do the processing while still having whatever 
other apps open in the background.

> Any opinions on how to best integrate the boot processing?

Well, for one thing you could always use a wrapper shell script around 
wine or something.  Or maybe you could have the wine startup code run the 
wineboot program (I'd suggest not, but if you feel you must then make it 

It's conceivable that one would want to start a wineserver -p (persistent 
mode) when logging into the GUI which would then allow the user to start 
up windows applications as quickly as UNIX applications start.  With some 
binfmt_misc magic it's conceivable that a user could run a windows program 
as easily has she runs a Linux program.


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