GetStdHandle Problem

Ignasi Villagrasa gri at
Wed Feb 20 04:23:26 CST 2002

Thanks for answering at first to Eric Pouech.

Referred to several points:

>did you try to run your program with wineconsole ?
>(wineconsole /usr/client/mcc_gnu/cmpm/cmpmgnu /B100 /Oaaaa-1.ovl)

I don't know about  this executable. I don't find wineconsole file 
anywhere in wine installation.

>Does your program use global objects, which initialization code could invoke the
>GetStdHandle functions ?

Perhaps I'm going wrong in any of the steps I'm following. I'll explain 
what I'm trying to do.When I began to migrate this console based 
programs I wanted to migrate them entirely to Linux without using Wine. 
I could think of this because my Win32 console programs are designed in 
native C and C++ and most of its calls are related to ANSI C, and so the 
migration remains simplified. Console management is platform specific 
however. I use Win32 console API, and use structures such as 
INPUT_RECORD. So I'm using Event.KeyEvent.uChar.AsciiChar and 
Event.KeyEvent.wVirtualScanCode to get and manage keyboard inputs. So 
it's difficult for me to migrate these calls to, for instance, a ncurses 
layer, because I must redefine the complete user interface. So I thought 
of winelib library in order to integrate this part of the programs 
without changing source code. What I want is add to my program winelib 
the same way I'm adding other libraries. I don't want to run the program 
as a Win32 native one, but as a Linux native one.

So the steps I followed are:

    - I installed wine package, getting it from codeweavers.
    - I added the include files in my source code in order to compile 
the programs.
    - I created spec file as wine documents.
    - I compiled it as documented.
    - I added the resulting .c file to my makefile.
    - I compiled all the modules.
    - I added then following libraries to my makefile linker step: 
-lkernel -lntdll -lwine -lwine_unicode. Tell me if that's all right.
    - I linked and created the executable without problems.

So, as far as I know, the only place where I call GetStdHandle is in my 
console module and for displaying and keyboard interface purposes.

        conhanout = GetStdHandle(STD_OUTPUT_HANDLE);
        conhanin  = GetStdHandle(STD_INPUT_HANDLE);

I don't know if the programs may have any additional implicit call to 
this function.

>does your program use AllocConsole or FreeConsole ?

No. My program doesn't call explicitly to AllocConsole or FreeConsole.

Thanks in advance. Ignasi Villagrasa.

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