License change vote results

Jeremy White jwhite at
Wed Feb 20 08:06:18 CST 2002

For the record, I perceived Brett's comment as very
insulting; it called into question both my
integrity and Alexandre's integrity.  

Again for the record, I and many developers at CodeWeavers
had our votes 'discarded' because of our affiliation 
with CodeWeavers (the criteria Alexandre used was that if
our contribution was mostly done while working at CodeWeavers,
then we did not get an independent vote.  CodeWeavers as
a single entity did receive one vote.)  If we had stuffed
the ballot box as Brett suggested, the votes would have
been more lopsided, believe me.

It's not clear to me that Dimi's reaction was unwarranted; Brett 
is a complete outsider to Wine and he persists in
clogging our development mailing list with flames and insults;
I think Dimi and others have been remarkably patient, all
things considered.


Kevin Lawton wrote:
> Dimi,
> Come on now, it isn't as if Brett is accusing Codeweavers of actually doing
> this. He just pointed out a potential flaw in the ballot system.
> The fact that you failed to comprehend the meaning of such a simple message
> casts some doubt on your ability to contribute much of any use to either
> this or any other list.
> The fact that you so arrogantly dismiss an other's contribution to the
> discussion makes one wonder just who it is who should 'do everyone a favour
> and bugger off' ?.
> There are enough adversaries out there without creating more. I can only
> suggest that you try to behave more like a gentleman in the future.
> Kevin.
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> From: Dimitrie O. Paun [mailto:dimi at]
> Sent: 19 February 2002 23:11
> To: Brett Glass
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> Subject: Re: License change vote results
> On Tue, 19 Feb 2002, Brett Glass wrote:
> > This is an interesting point. Codeweavers could easily have
> > "stuffed" the ballot box by insisting that its employees
> > vote the way it wanted (and/or by claiming that they'd be
> > out of work if they did not).
> Well, not that I did not have enough reasons before, but this lands you in
> my killfile.
> And as far as I'm concerned, YOU ARE NOT WELCOMED on this list.
> So do everyone a favour, and bugger off.
> --
> Dimi.

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