License change vote results

Dimitrie O. Paun dimi at
Wed Feb 20 09:07:16 CST 2002

On Wed, 20 Feb 2002, Kevin Lawton wrote:

> Dimi,
> Come on now, it isn't as if Brett is accusing Codeweavers of actually doing
> this. [...] There are enough adversaries out there without creating
> more. I can only suggest that you try to behave more like a gentleman in
> the future.


First, and foremost, Brett did exactly that -- he suggested that Alexandre
stuffed the ballots, AND that Jeremy forced people to vote a certain
way. While I have no affiliation with CodeWaevers, this sort of low-life
attack on some of the people I dearly respect is both insulting and
aggravating to a degree that I do not care to comment. I have a limit on
what I _can_ put up with without my health being affected, and Brett
jumped way over that line with that message.

Second, it is clear that he did it to piss off people after the results
were anounced. See that message, the "ethical" one, and so on. He is not
trying to be helpful, just to create endless discussions that derails
people from the important issues. For this alone he should "bugger off".

And third, why don't you read the relevant email before you comment, and
suggest the "more like a gentleman" route for things more deserving of it,
uhhmm, like insulting Alexandre and Jeremy?


P.S. It seems that I had a very bad day yesterday, so my reactions were
harsher than usual. I appologise for that. It seems that the "bad
day" part continues into today, so please do not drag me into a flamewar,
unless you know what you want to get yourself into. :)))

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