Codeweavers' integrity (or lack thereof)

Jeremy White jwhite at
Wed Feb 20 18:12:25 CST 2002

> You lied, Jeremy. To me and to others who thought that your
> word was worth something.

Brett, I have long held a personal preference for
LGPL.  If you wish to claim I said something completely contrary
to my personal beliefs and then call me a liar, go right ahead.

Why don't you claim that I told you that I come from Mars?
If you're going to make shit up, why be so mild?

Enough, Brett.  I now deeply regret feeding the troll this
morning; I will not do it again.  I will no longer respond
to any emails you send in this forum; I would recommend
others do the same, no matter how insulting or inflamatory
Brett gets.


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