Codeweavers' integrity (or lack thereof)

Andreas Mohr andi at
Thu Feb 21 11:57:47 CST 2002

On Wed, Feb 20, 2002 at 05:54:53PM -0700, Brett Glass wrote:
> At 05:12 PM 2/20/2002, Jeremy White wrote:
> >Brett, I have long held a personal preference for
> >LGPL.
> That's not what you told me, face-to-face, when we met in
> October. In fact, aAt that time, you said that you had opted 
> for the X11 license over the objections of one of your investors.
> Could it be that, being short on cash, you have now caved in to
> pressure on the part of one or more fanatical investors? This is
> one of the few explanations I can see for your sudden about-face.

This is *very* hard to believe.

Yes, Jeremy said something in October.

In October 2000.

Around that time he talked to me repeatedly that he's not sure whether the
current Wine license is ok and that he's thinking rather often of whether a
*GPL (!) license would be better.

I'm not much in favour of a license change (at least *never* without a
lot of consideration !), but your kind of comments certainly kind of
start to p*** me off.

Oh, and rest assured that I for one don't care at all about whether you
go the VMWare route or not.

One last good hint to you:
find another "suitable" license to actually *promote* for Wine use
instead of continually fighting your GPL wars.
(since *GPL seems not to be a perfect solution to just about everything)

Thanks for listening.

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