Philipp Wollermann phil_wo at gmx.net
Thu Feb 21 13:09:46 CST 2002

Hi everybody,

I'm new to wine-development but I have used it for a long time now. :)
Because I'm using the Crux 0.92 Linux distribution (which doesn't come with 
db2html, db2pdf etc.) I've used the db2html-winehq script which works quite 
Why isn't it used normally, but only in the make_winehq script? Perhaps 
someone could change configure.ac so, that it detects if the user has db2html 
and decides which one to use?

I've made a patch for this script so it supports openjade/jade and the Crux 
distribution. Should I send it to the wine-patches mailinglist?

Could someone tell me where to get these db2html etc. scripts?

Philipp Wollermann

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