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Alexandre Julliard julliard at
Thu Feb 21 13:50:56 CST 2002

"Gerhard W. Gruber" <sparhawk at> writes:

> Maybe it went a bit unnoticed because of the many mails the licence
> issue generated, or then again, maybe the bootprocedure is not that
> important to most. :) The only response I got was that performance could
> be a consideration, which I think wouldn't be a problem and another one
> was that wine shouldn't be forced to reboot entirely in order to make it
> happen. So if nobdoy has a real objection why this shouldn't be done,
> then I implement it as I see fit to be most userfriendly (performance is
> always my consideration so I don't need to mention it explicitly here).

Well, if you discard all objections as "not real" then of course there
isn't a real objection. But the two mentioned seem very real to
me. Another one is that you need to be able to control when bootup
processing happens, and this is a policy decision that doesn't belong
in the lowest layers. This is why we need a separate app, which can be
launched when some higher layer decides it's the right time.

Alexandre Julliard
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